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Friend's Update

Matt and Dana Stuart have sent me some recent pictures (12/31/2006) of their boys.  Matt and Dana met and were married while at Project MAIN in Michigan, the same project where Joanne and Mike met.  They live in Colorado now.


Caleb is now five.                                        Joshua is two.

Here are pictures from Mike and Debi Head's wedding:




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Name Email Address Alternate
Andres, Joanne flowers@mikeandres.com joanne@mikeandres.com
Andres, Mike mike@mikeandres.com mike@mikeandres.com
Andres, Sue Lin san082766@cs.com mom@mikeandres.com
Bachleda, Kevin kbachleda@hotmail.com kevin@mikeandres.com
Byron, Dan dan@mikeandres.com dan@mikeandres.com
DeGraaf, Dru DeGraafd@excite.com cuddin_bud@mikeandres.com
Draper, Laura ldraper@championhomes.net laura@mikeandres.com
Galea, Joe galea_joe@hotmail.com guido@mikeandres.com
Granica, Chris nomore901@aol.com granica@mikeandres.com
Gregoire, Matt mcgregoir@hotmail.com beef@mikeandres.com
Gubbins, Joe jgubbins@kpmg.com scrub@mikeandres.com
Head, Mike mph0115@yahoo.com master@mikeandres.com
Lipa, Mike mike_lipa@hotmail.com lipa@mikeandres.com
Monohan, Pat monoemona@prodigy.net mono@mikeandres.com
Salowich, Lisa lsalowich@aol.com lisa@mikeandres.com
Sirois, Brian sirdeadhead@skyenet.net rotty@mikeandres.com
Zsa Zsa, Joey zsazsa1340@aol.com zsazsa@mikeandres.com
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